New Arrivals – Pokedex

We have some new additions to our catalog. And the best part? They are all on sale!  Here is a sneak peak of a few:

Archen, known as the First Bird Pokemon, has a reptile-like mouth, and red, yellow, and blue feathers. This Pokemon is thought to be the ancestor of all bird Pokemon, and has been restored from fossils. As they were unable to fly, this Pokemon hops from one branch to another in order to move around.   Number: 566

Golett is known as the Automaton Pokemon. Golett has a strange energy burning inside it, and so far, no one has been able to identify this energy.  Number: 622

Joltik, known as the Attaching Pokemon, is a yellow spider-like Pokemon. They absorb static electricity larger Pokemon and store it in an electric pouch. They are to date the smallest Pokemon at 4 inches.  Number: 595

Musharna, known as the Drowsing Pokemon, is a rounded, pig- or tapir-like Pokemon. Many of the dreams of people and Pokemon are packed into the smoke emitted from its forehead. It makes the dreams it ate materialize. The smoke leaking from its forehead changes form into the things from the dreams.  Number: 518

Palpitoad known as the Vibration Pokemon, is the evolved form of Tympole. Palpitoad have vibraters on their bodies that look like lumps. When they vibrate these lumps they can cause earthquakes. It possesses a sticky long tongue in which it uses to catch prey. Number: 536

Check them all out in our New Arrivals section.

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