Another Pokemon Movie!?

Forget Friday night, movie night! You need to have movie night on Saturday night.  Instead of watching another cheesy holiday movie there is a Pokemon movie for you to see instead! For those of you from who wanted to see Pokemon The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom and missed it last weekend, I have good news!  This weekend, on December 10th and December 11th, Cartoon Network is going to air Pokemon The Movie Black – Victini & Reshiram.  The movie will premiere on Saturday at 7 pm after a presentation of the Pokemon Movie 13: Zoroark – Master of Illusions that starts at 5 pm and am encore on Sunday at 6 pm.  To check times in your area:  Cartoon Network TV Schedule

Pokémon The Movie Black – Victini & Reshiram Trailer

The stars of Pokemon The Movie Black – Victini & Reshiram:
Ash – Famous Pokemon trainer
Pikachu – has been with Ash since his earliest adventures. The two of them are best friends.
Victini – is rarely seen by humans.  Legend says, this mythical Pokemon is deeply connected to the Sword of the Vale.
Zekrom – Ash must awaken Zekrom so it can aid him in protecting the area. However, hes been hibernating with Reshiram.
Reshiram –  It is said that long ago, both Reshiram and Zekrom were connected to the Kingdom of the Vale.  But after a great disaster, he and Zekrom have been sleeping in a secret location.
There are a few Pokemon that appear only in Pokemon The Movie Black – Victini & Reshiram.  Look out for Lillipup  and Beartic.

Hydreigon – This winged Pokemon belongs to Carlita, Damon’s sister. It uses its six wings and three heads to attack an intimidate opponents in battle. However, he only has on central brain to control its various appendages.

We hope you enjoy it!

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