A few of our favorite Pokemon toys…

There are so many Pokemon characters and Pokemon toys revolving around the Pokemon game that we decided to put together a list of a few of our favorites.

1. Hasbro Pokemon Pokedex

2.  Pokemon USA TCG: Black & White Binder Box
Pokemon Black & White Collector’s Album Box is a 60 card mini-Collector’s Album to store your favorite Pokémon Cards in, PLUS 2 Black & White Booster – (10 cards per booster), Plus 1 specially selected Foil promo card.

3. Hasbro Pokemon Advanced: Kyogre Plush
Kyogre is one of a trio of legendary Pokemon.

4. Pokemon Pop ‘n Battle Launcher
Become a Pokemon Champion by mastering this awesome game play experience with a Pokeball Launcher and Pokemon inside that launches out to battle.

5. Pokemon City Battle Play Set – Black and White Series What a fun game for the kids to play!  They place the opposing Pokemon figure on the special motorized target base and shoot it with attack discs for your Pokemon Attack Figures; if you hit the target the opposing Pokemon will pop off. Invite your friends and have a 2 person battle with their Pokemon.

6. Unova Region Black And White Playset This huge environment transforms to reveal multilevel play area that includes trap doors, projectile attacks, and an elevator. Set your Pokemon out on an adventure with this giant play set.

7. Pokemon Pikachu Stuffed Toy Any Pokemon lover would like to have their very own Pikachu to have and hold.

Popular Pokemon characters include Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Torchic, Mew, Latios, and many, many more.    So these are some of the bestselling and our favorite Pokemon toys which we hope your kids will really enjoy!

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